How To Tie A Hair Scarf?

How do you tie a hair scarf step by step?

Start by folding the top quarter of the scarf down before placing it on top of your head. Make sure the two ends are equal in length, then secure them in a knot at the base of your neck, just like you would for a bandanna look. Cross each loose end up and around the bun and tie once more underneath the bun.

How do you tie a small silk scarf?

You can wrap it around your ponytail or your low bun, letting it hang loosely down your back; or roll it up and drape it around your head as a headband, with a knot either on the top of your head or underneath the hair at the back of your skull.

How do you keep a silk scarf on your head?

So Radovic has this advice: ‚ÄúSecure it with some trusty bobby pins. Place the pins low, near your ears, and possibly up under the knot. Remember, bobby pins hold best with the wavy side down. If you’re wearing your silk scarf around your pony or bun, don’t be afraid to tie it as tight as possible so it won’t budge.

How do you tie a straight hair scarf overnight?

Take your scarf and wrap it tightly around where you wrapped your hair. Place it flat against the back of your head, bring the sides up, and tie a knot in the front of the scarf so you don’t have to sleep on the knot. The scarf will hold your pins in place and prevent your hair from moving while you sleep.

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How do you tie a long silk scarf on your head?

Front Twist

  1. Fold your scarf longways and rest it on the back of your head, holding the ends in front.
  2. Tie the ends once on your hairline.
  3. Twist the remaining ends of the scarf tightly.
  4. Bring the twisted ends to the back of your head and secure again with a double knot.

How do you tie a rectangular scarf into a triangle?

Fold the scarf into a square. Then, fold the square in half diagonally so it turns into a triangle. Throw the scarf around your neck with the points of the triangle facing forward. Tie the two ends in a knot at the back.